749 1385


This was written as a eulogy at a Memorial Service for a close friend and former flatmate, Suzanne Charles who sadly passed away unexpectedly in January 1997.



She was from St Vincent in the Caribbean and came to London to eventually study Law. She was a top student in addition to being a coach and adviser to other students, an active member of the Society of Black Lawyers (the S.B.L.) – so was constantly on the telephone – this was her phone number.


Seven Four Nine One Three Eight Five


Hold the line, I’ll be right back

Talking to Martin, Sharon, Finn and Zack

Someone else on the other line

Spoke to Bybreen, she’s doing fine.

Ian called to go to lunch,

Did the lottery on a hunch.

Keith with Gene, hale and hearty,

Their housewarming –  a wicked party.


749 1385 knows you are on hold

Wet and windy, don’t like the cold.

Still involved with the S.B.L.

Time of the month, feel like hell.

Off to the doctor, a bit depressed.

In bed all day, didn’t get dressed.

Sunny now off for a walk,

Give me a call if you need to talk.


749 1385 knows you are waiting,

Lectures tomorrow, legal debating.

Yes I have your number in my bag

Just a sec while I light a fag

Had a call from Laura Cheese,

Need the loo, hold on please.

The other Laura’s in Singapore,

Phone me back its Margaret next door.

Tina’s expecting, yes pregnant again

Lot to answer for those Libran men.


749 1385 won’t be answered today.

Sadly it was time to go away.

Now with a finger poised to dial

I think of you and have to smile

Remembering the laughter, the time we shared

Because you loved, you truly cared

Yet in my heart you are very much alive.

I will speak to you soon – 749 1385

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