Welcome to the World of Ratpick!

Ratpick is the world of writer and poet,  Patrick S Stokes.

Why Ratpick you may ask? Well many moons ago I went to live in Mallorca – 1984 in fact. I wrote to Mimi my maternal Grandmother explaining the excitement of living in a foreign country. Her letter arrived a couple of weeks later – typed on an old fashioned hand typewriter. She also had arthritis and was a real character in her own right. Sadly I do not have the original document but it read like this…

“Dear Ratpick,

I hope you are well! – Fancy having a jet wetter as a Grandchild”……There was more that time has erased but this is whence I am from.

Still – this is me. Enjoy x x

I am a spiritual person because I believe there is a  presence in my life that transcends all of my logic and reason, an unseen sense that I relate to with poetry rather than with philosophy, a sentiment that makes itself known with compassion and humour, a source of strength that reaches my very core. This sense, this instinct knows me better than I know myself – it believes in me and will remain with me with every cognisant moment, with every passing second. It is not a belief nor a faith but a real and living thing – unseen yet unceasing…. an intangible, relentless, comforting beast. It is the strength that defies doubt and the insecurity that makes me human

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