Children’s Books

It is warm in here – Children’s stories written for both the reader and listener to enjoy – all brought to life by the illustrations of the amazing Alex Vann. Here is a link to his work


You are able to buy the books below by clicking on the title highlighted in red – then simply click on the cover picture and this will take you to where the cost is at a discounted price (postage and package not included.)


Charlie Crane and the Sock Monsters

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Charlie Crane is a lonely boy that moves to a new house with his Father but Charlie’s inquisitive mind leads him to meet some unusual but fabulous friends.




Sock Monsters Too – The Story of Nancy Grice.

Sock Monsters Too coverNancy Grice does not like school since she is teased because she has bright ginger hair. So when her Mother breaks her arm Nancy has to take a week off, much to Nancy’s delight! A visit to the launderette leads her on an adventure she would never have expected in all her wildest dreams!



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