9. 9. 1998.


The Weird Continues!

In early September 1998 my ex partner Len decided to visit an old school friend he had not seen for a number of years. We drove down to Havant near Portsmouth in Hampshire, Southern England on a Monday to spend a few days there. All went well to start with but on the Wednesday the atmosphere soured (I cannot for the life of me remember what transpired) but it showed the nature of my partner having a very short temper and the reason why he is now an ex.

To calm him down I suggested we go for a walk along the beach so we headed off for Hayling Island a few minutes drive away. Along the beach there was an Inn so we had a spot of lunch before walking back to the car. I walked along some railway sleepers at the back of the beach whilst he trudged along the shoreline. Suddenly I stopped stock still which prompted Len to walk up the beach towards me asking what was wrong.

Just in front of me carved into the wood on which I was walking were the initials DGS. These were  the initials of my eldest brother who tragically lost his life in a freak accident in 1988. The date was the 9th of September – exactly ten years to the day that I stumbled on his initials – it totally freaked me out and I know not if that piece of wood is still there.

We left Havant that day and have not returned since.

Mind you, the weird is not solely associated with yours truly. In 2014 my nephew and his wife produced a second son and had already decided to name him Timothy John after his late Father but would be known as Johnny. He was born on the 21st of February – exactly 22 years to the day that my brother Tim sadly lost his battle with cancer. Neither Kit nor Sarah were aware of the date such was the panic and excitement of welcoming a new member to their family.

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