Triskaidekaphobia – The Fear of 13

For some 13 is a lucky number, for others it is not – for me it was always supposed to be a bad omen although now I know not. I will not go into too much detail as this would be upsetting for some but I will relate this experience.

On a night when I was unemployed living on the Costa del Sol, I spent my time playing online games to relieve the boredom of inactivity and trying to move from the funk I was experiencing. First of all I played Bingo Blitz. 13 reared it’s ugly head repetitively – first number called – 13.  I won a Bingo – I was the 13th person to do so! This continued for some time and I even said to JP that this was too weird to comprehend. So I went on to another online game I played at that time called Castleville. What spooked me most was that a name appeared as I was playing – a name of someone very close to me. Eventually I just went offline as it was all a bit scary.

The following day I received a phone call saying that the person whose name appeared randomly on Castleville had taken his own life.

To this day I do not know whether to embrace 13 or see it as a sign of something bad  – I tend to think the former as I swear that someone or something was trying to tell me what was about to happen. I think I will embrace 13, I think all this was too coincidental to be ignored – I know there is more to this World than we are led to believe!

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