Where Once Was Love


Sitting at George’s Bar in Riviera, Costa del Sol, I noticed a couple having a meal. The woman was smartly dressed with perfect make-up obviously having made an effort to look her best. Her male companion took no notice of her whatsoever preferring to read a newspaper or watch what was on the television. Each time the lady attempted conversation he grunted a monosyllable reply much to her chagrin. I have seen similar repeated scenarios  around the world prompting these lines of possibly her thoughts.

Woman Sitting on Bench Outdoors

 Sipping wine with studied control

No words spoken, life’s black hole

 Wondering where emotion had gone

Where once was love, now there is none


Wispy hair across my face

Swept away like time and space

Staring blindly into a bottomless pit

Loss of humour, speech or wit

Existing barely, barely alive

Just enough hope, to hope to survive


Remember to breathe, remember to think

Love has gone with barely a blink

Thus the epitaph will always be

Was it life or is this me.

Next poem.

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