QuizzItch Deduce!

QuizzItch Deduce!


A variation of the QuizzItch genre – these quizzes are for individuals too – not just groups or teams! Here you are given the answers – but in a random order. All you need to do is to DEDUCE what goes where!





Who would find this fun and appealing?



Sample Quiz from QuizzItch Deduce

A Night Out… (Countries, Languages and Nationalities)


I had not seen my old friend Mal for ages – he was from Blackburn/Burnley area of N W England. We met up in a pub and each had a …. Libre a rum and coke drink originating from the North ………  to start the evening off. We were both ……. so decided to go for something to eat. It was ….. out so I put on my coat – this weather played havoc with my sinuses and the ….. and phlegm was building up in my nose and throat.

I asked if he wanted a takeaway – something …. – or to eat in? He said in his distinct, strong accent “…… am I standing in this cold to eat – we will find a cafe or restaurant” I suggested a place nearby where they charged one pound and 5 pence for two courses. “A ……? – that sounds reasonable” said Mal. The place was packed with staff ……. around trying to serve food and clear tables. “…… going to get a table here?” I asked. He looked around then said “A few tables look like they are going to ……. shortly – so let’s wait”


Eventually we were seated. As we waited for the menu, Mal told me he was looking for a ….. change. “I have been a …. dancer for 5 years now and my body is not up to it. I am thinking of making fruit preserves and marmalade to sell at local markets.” “So you want to become a …….?” “Yes” he replied – “I watched this film last night called …. and Me – about this bloke and his dog – and I want to spend more time with my pets.” Juan the waiter approached – he was very smart wearing a shirt and a …. with a reindeer on it -” That’s a very festive ……” I said. He took our order. “Look Mal, I will pay for this” – but he insisted we go ….. and pay half each when we got the …..








We chatted about his ex – Dan – who had run off with their savings. “Are you going to …..?” He explained that Dan had been on drugs but was doing cold …… – so it was not the right time to seek damages.


We paid up and headed for the door. Trying to open the door was a struggle and we had to yank it open. we suggested to the manager that he put …… on the hinges to ease the problem.




Guinea – Greece -Togo – Cuba – Thai – Sudan – Hungary – Malawi –

Mali – Caribbean – Pole –  Chile – Turkey – Dutch – Qatar – Czech –

Finnish – Jamaica – Korea – Russian – Taiwan – Norway




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