QuizzItch 2

QuizzItch 2

Quiz Cover2

The second in the series of these marvelous quiz books.







Who Might Enjoy this Book?

Deduce is for anyone who likes quizzes, crosswords, puns and are slightly cryptic! Can be played individually or in teams – (more fun in teams though!)


Sample & Extract

The Barbecue. (Christian Names)

An American couple moved into the village and invited some neighbours to their new home. He was called ……, named after his grandfather who made men’s clothes. He had ….. his head so his hair was very close cropped and he had brown ….. eyes –  whilst she was called ……. – since she was an orphan that was found abandoned outside a religious building on a very windy night. She was an ….. type who wore a smock and sandals. She was covered in ….. – diamonds, rubies and a ….. necklace.

Sample Answers

Genuine Review

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